There Is Only One Step To Joining True Happiness.

That step is to develop your happiness. It is the only thing I want for you because I know it will bring you True Happiness. And it is also the only thing I will ever ask. Do not believe what I said until you have put True Happiness into practice and find out for yourself how it can transform your life and your happiness. Everything else in this entire website is not very important.


Contributing to True Happiness

To contribute to True Happiness is mainly to contribute to your own practice of happiness! But other than that here are the ways you can contribute and be a part of True Happiness.

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  3. written with compassion to help other people.
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True Happiness is looking forward to your contribution! Once we received all your information, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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4. Make Videos for True Happiness

True Happiness is looking for someone with a artistic sense of making beautiful video for each blog post. These videos will be posted on our youtube channels to create for ways users can access True Happiness. Please contact us by sending us the basic information about yourself, your background and your portfolio or work samples. We would love to talk. Here are examples of the kind of work True Happiness is looking for.

5. Become a Editor

I am not a native English speaker. Thus, what I need is someone to read over my content before posting on True Happiness. An editor should to be able to correct my grammar as well as give constructive advice on how to improve my writing.

6. Sponsor True Happiness’s Vision

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle

My vision is to open a university.

Education teaches about the truth and nature of many things from smallest insect to vastness of universe. Yet, it never teaches about the truth and nature of the students themselves.

The function of education today is merely to put power in the hands of the students without teaching them how to exercise it. As a result, we have opened up the world where the fortunate could use their fortune to take advantage of those who are less fortunate. Those who received the best education today are judged based on his or her ability to perform more than his or her reason or purpose to perform. Thus, graduating from top universities does not mean he or she will enter the world thinking about how to better it. Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.”

Wealth will not stop people from their greed. And more power will not stop people from abusing power. Thus, giving students more power without teaching them how to exercise it is definitely not a good idea. What we need is a holistic approach to education where we do not merely ask the question of what and how. But why.

Why do we study at all? Is it for one’s personal ends or is it for the betterment of this world? Students ought to build their “why” to this world as much as the “how” to this world. Because without being able to ask the “why” question, students are left astray in the abyss of not knowing why they were born. Why study? Why are we all here in this world? And what is the best way of living life, one that is beneficial for both ourselves and for this world?

By developing the knowledge outside of ourselves as well as the knowledge inside of ourselves, this university will grow students who are both capable and compassionate. By learning about life, the students will not only be building their character but he or she will also know how to find True Happiness in life, something which school rarely taught. Academically, this university should be rigorous. It will drive its academic performance not by grade or exams but how well it can inspires the student to learn; or in other words, passion.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

The purpose of education is to help, not to judge or hinder. It’s not teaching students how to memorize for exams. It is not to evaluate students through a single golden standardized test. It is not to judge the students and decides or limits who they are and can become. The focus of this school is simply to help the student to learn how to develop both their hearts and their mind. And that is exactly what this university will do.

With the right support and the right people I truly believe that if this university comes to life, it will be the best university in the world. It would revolutionize the way education is and has been. It will help change and save many lives. Its student will graduate with the passion to serve and have a strong desire to improve themselves not only for themselves but for all. It will be the driving force for this world toward the right direction. So if you are interested or want to support the cause, do not hesitate to contact.

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Other Than The List Above?

If you have any other ways you would like to contribute or are looking to just work with or for True Happiness in one way or another, please feel free to contact. True Happiness is yours and it is always open to new ideas!