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“Make a man happy and he will be happy for a day. Teach a man how to be happy and he will be happy for a life time.”

Welcome To True Happiness

If you are looking for ways to be happier then you are in the right place. This website is my gift to you. Learning about how to become a better and happier person is my passion. Here is what you will receive from True Happiness…

What True Happiness Will Give You

    1. Happiness

Regardless of what context of life you are in–happy or sad, good or bad, rich or poor, young or old–the goal of True Happiness is to help your face and transcend these dualities of life to find True Happiness. What we will learn is not just a textbook kind of happiness but one that you will be able to experience and apply to your daily life.

    1. Purpose

What is the point of life? I can’t tell you how many times I woke up with this question. And the worst feeling is when I am unable to answer this daunting question. Because when we don’t know what we want in life, life just send us right back in the grind and the grey twilight where it’s just living day by day without feeling truly alive and happy. We got one shot in this life. Why not do what matters?

    1. Truth

Truth and happiness must go hand in hand. The more you know the Truth of life the easier and enjoyable life becomes. Thus, at True Happiness, its approach to find True Happiness is through truth–not blind belief, not wishful thinking, and not even through words. What I mean is that you should not believe me. What you should do is to put what I said into practice and see for yourself if it’s for you. I do not claim the truth. What I want is to let truth speaks for itself.

    1. World Peace

If wealth can save the world, why are we nowhere near world peace despite the fact that our GDP has increased by the thousand folds compare to what it was hundreds years ago? Even if it rains in gold today, what we will have is not world peace. But more likely wars in which people would fight one another to be richer even though they might already be rich. The main problem here is how humanity seeks and defines happiness. If happiness is to “take” rather than to “give” then there is no way humanity will find world peace. Thus, happiness can and must be developed.

To Be Happy, There Are 4 Things To Know And 1 Thing To Do…

Happiness is a science. And the goal of True Happiness is to turn you into a “happiness expert.” The laboratory/school in which we will work at is ourselves. In this laboratory, we will work to discovery four Truth of life:

  1. What is True Happiness?
  2. What are the causes and conditions of happiness?
  3. How to obtain True Happiness?
  4. Why True Happiness matters?

These are the four main questions this website will help you answer. But knowing the answer from reading is different from knowing the answer from the hearts. This is why it is imperative that we come to know happiness by heart. Consequently, this requires a practice which would allow the heart to see its own truth and that practice is mindfulness.

Mindfulness Is The One Way Street Toward True Happiness.

How? True Happiness can not be found in the search of what is outside of us. It is about what is inside of us.

‘What’s worse, the falling rain, or your resistance to getting wet?’
– Jeff Foster

I love the quote above. Our resistance is basically our unwillingness to accept Truth. Our tendency is to try to control and change reality to fits our want. But can we demand the rain stop? Can we ask the dead to turn back to life? Can we command someone to love and not hate us? Reality has its own rules and laws which is absolute and does not goes according to what one wills. If one do not know how to adapt and change ourselves to live with reality then that is our resistance to Truth. And that is unhappiness.

You can’t change what you do not know. This is why mindfulness is the one way street toward True Happiness. There is no surer path. And there is no path more beautiful than this. This path is about self-transformation, compassion, selflessness, understanding, Truth, and ultimately True Happiness.

Putting My Life On The Line…

“สพฺพทานํ ธมฺมทานํ ชินาติ”

Above are the words of the Lord Buddha spoken in his mother tongue, Pali Sanskrit. It is pronounced, “Sappa dana Dhamma dana chinati” which means “The gift of Truth surpasses all gifts.” This quote is what my life is about.

Truth is all that I am offering here. I am not telling you to believe me. I am merely telling you the path and hoping that you try to walk it so that you could see for yourself if it actually helps and transforms your happiness and everything around you. That is all.

But I can tell you right now that I am putting my life on the line for all this. I will go visit you to make sure you understand and know how to be happy. I will stand by you no matter what the situation you are facing to help you up when you are down. I will fly across the globe just to make sure you practice it. Why? Because I know that if your practice enough and you practice correctly it will work. True Happiness will be at your door without even needing to want it. This is the best thing I can do and give to others. So please don’t be afraid to talk to me and explore what I have to offer to enrich your life here at True Happiness!

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