Happiness, in its most typical definition, is to get what we want. We would be happy if we always get what we want. We would be happy if everything goes exactly like how we want life to be. Once we get all that we want, we become content and satisfied with life. This sense of contentment, fulfilment, and satisfaction is ultimately what happiness is.

There are three basic components of happiness:

  1. One’s desire
  2. The reality or the world
  3. And their interaction

Happiness is when what you want from reality is in harmony with what reality is; or to put it in an even simpler term, happiness is when life is exactly like how you want it to be. There is nothing that you want more or less. Life is just perfect as it is.

It is impossible to know what happiness is unless you also know what unhappiness is.

Unhappiness, on the other hand, is when the reality is not like what you want it to be. Anything which you want but couldn’t have, anything that you do not want yet it enters into your life, anything that you used to have but now it’s gone. These are the unhappinesses of life which we come to know as worry, frustration, disappointment, depression, confusion, and etc. As an example, disappointment is when the reality is not what you hope it would be. And worry is when you want the reality to be a certain way, yet you are afraid it might not be like what you hope. In essence, all of these array of negative emotions, or unhappinesses, stem from the disharmony between what we want from reality and what the reality is.

So far, understanding happiness is the easy part. The hard part is how to attain one. Why are we not always happy despite our knowledge of happiness? If happiness is simply to match reality and our want then where did we go wrong in this simple process to produce happiness? Why does our pursuit of happiness still lead us toward discontent and sometimes even a sense of meaninglessness in life?

To answer these questions, the next article, “The Cause and Condition of Happiness”, will introduce you into the nature of happiness, so that we will understand how to attain one.

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