Would making everyone in the world richer give us world peace? If wealth can save the world, why are we nowhere near world peace despite the fact that our GDP has increased by the thousand folds compare to what it was hundreds years ago? Even if it rains in gold today, what we will have is not world peace. But more likely wars in which people would fight one another to be richer even though they might already be rich.

Would giving humans more power give us world peace? Since the beginning of our civilization, humanity has poured unimaginable amount of resources into bettering our education system. But does giving humans more power and skills without teaching how to excercise that power lead us toward world peace? Theodore Roosevelt once stated:

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.”

Power is a double-edged sword. One which must not be taken lightly. Imagine a simple scenario in which you are a swordmaster. And you are now deciding which of your pupils to teach. Would you give someone the ability to take life to someone who finds happiness in taking from others or would you give it to someone who finds happiness in giving to others? The obvious answer is the latter. Thus..

Happiness Can And Must Be Developed.

Happiness matters. It is what create our world, for good or for evil. It dictates people lives and decides how our world will be.

By developing our happiness, not only will humanity finds both Truth and True Happiness, but it will also along the way create the right condition for world peace.

World Peace Is Not Possible Without True Happiness.

More wealth will not stop people from their greed. And more power will not stop people from abusing it. World peace cannot be achieved by changing what is outside of us, it is achieved by developing how each and every one of us seeks and defines happiness inside of ourselves.

More than sharing the way to True Happiness, this is also another the noble goal which this website aims to achieve.

World Peace Begins Here In Our Journey Toward True Happiness.

[Read the original post @ true-happiness.github.io]



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